Review: The Eskies at The Borderline, London


“They don’t dance in London they said. Londoners don’t dance,” screams The Eskies’ frontman Ian Bermingham as a rambunctious ‘Chin Up Jack’ comes to an end, allowing a gang of Charleston-dancing (or what some deemed to be the Charleston) locals catch their breath.

Most Irish music fans will already know that not dancing at an Eskies gig is like not breaking out your best Alan Partride-esque air-bass stance as John McVie sends ‘The Chain’ into overdrive. It’s the equivalent of hearing your friend say ‘Ah, you’ll have the one’ and still refusing. It just doesn’t happen.

While it may have taken a bit longer than The Eskies are used to for those in attendance to get their hips shaking – to be fair, a show of hands suggested about 80% were first-time parishoners – Bermingham’s never-ending charm offence, along with his merry band of men’s relentless energy, means it was only a matter of time.

The Eskies return to Ireland at the end of the week and are back on the grind straight away. “Back to college first thing Monday morning” bemoans drummer Stephen Kearney before the show. “Half cut probably, no, hopefully”, he adds.

After the summer and autumn the lads have had, taking in numerous festivals, an Italian tour and a full UK tour, you couldn’t begrudge them a bit of celebrating. There may not be much time for college come next year.

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