When I (after much more organisation than is probably needed for arranging postage of a package in Ireland) received a package from Sorcha Richardson in early July, I knew immediately that something special was on the way. Having followed Sorcha’s career since the beginning, I’d always known how talented she is but always felt her music needed that extra pinch of salt, some personalisation, something to make her stand out. Reading the accompanying letter, I knew that this was it.

I heard Walk Away for the first time that day and was immediately reminded of the simplicity with which Sorcha is able to approach what are quite complex matters. A basic bassline that says more than any lyrics ever could. This is a dark, broody tune which seems to be balanced on a tight-rope. The listener is on edge throughout, expecting something, anything, to pierce the tension and allow the unbearable amount of emotion to come tumbling out, but it doesn’t. It remains trapped. It begs for another listen. Maybe this time.

Having scrapped an EP earlier this year, Richardson plans to release a new song every few weeks for the next six months, and if Walk Away is anything to go by, we’re sure to be in for a treat. Trust me, I’ve already heard what’s next.

Have a listen to Walk Away below. Checkout an interview I did with Sorcha back in 2012. She’s come a long way.


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